Free your brain cells! create new neural connections!

Every time we hear a song over and over it makes its impression stronger in our brain. So listening to the same song with alternative lyrics will wake up your brain a bit. Or so i say and some questionable scientists 🙂

This Blog was created by CM Lyrics Jockey 0 mainly to be a repository of song lyrics. New re-mixed lyrics for this new Age. But some other topics will also be discussed here as well. It will try to be update it regularily.

So if you want to make a band or are already in one, and have run out of ideas, or have writers’ block, or are too hangovered, you can take them from here, feel free to change them at will.

Everything you find in this block is Public Domain, and anybody in the world can use it for whatever they want. No restrictions.

Don’t forget to leave your comments and if you have a good song and want to share it, don’t let anything stop you!

Love & Trust & …!

– CoverMe! LJ0

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